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Real name: Gareth Watts

Only available contacting method: IRC - freenode ( - #LCDproc
Thanks to Gareth you can actually read these pages. He allowed us to use his servers for the website and mailinglist. He has also helped by being an active participant in the IRC chatting screne where all the LCDproc members hang out and givin us ton's of ideas.

You may visit his other web site at

- Credit info out of CVS -
This is the CREDITS file that should list all people that are or have
been involved in LCDproc.

Please help us keeping this file up to date. Developers, please insert
your name and a short description of your activities. Other people
involved, please tell us if your name is missing or your credit
information is incorrect. LCDproc is a community effort, and as such
we'd like to recognize everyone's efforts!


(in order of appearance :)

William Ferrell (Choadstre) <>:
	- Project founder, wrote 1st version, much documentation, design
	  for V0.4, continued maintenance
It's Choadstre's fault that LCDproc exists. He wanted his computer to have
a heartbeat, like some HP workstations do. So he found a nice LCD, wrote
some amazingly spiffy software for it, and life was good.

Selene Scriven (ToyKeeper) <>:
	- wrote V0.3 and most of V0.4, and helped procrastinate the rest
	  of the time...
ToyKeeper was the main programmer for LCDproc 0.2 - 0.4-pre9.  She took
Choadstre's idea and put it in its current form.

Gareth Watts (Xeno42):
	- Patches, mailing list, ideas, web hosting, CVS, etc.

Matrix Orbital Corporation <>:
	- Free displays for us developers, and lots of help early on

Crystalfontz America, Inc. <>:
	- Sends us testing LCDs to get LCDproc going on all their models

Lorand Bruhacs <>:
	- Lorand made LCDproc V0.3.5, which added lots of nifty stuff while keeping the old program model

Benjamin Tse <>, Matthias Prinke <>:
	- HD44780 driver and predecessors

Richard Rognlie <>:
	- Work on HD44780 driver
	- GIF driver (lost code)

Tom Wheeley:
	- IRMan input driver

Bjoern Andersson:
	- Autoconf/automake build system
	- Curses driver

Andrew McMeikan <>:
	- HD44780 driver

David Glaude:
	- Lirc driver(not the current version)
	- IRMAN driver,
        - lcdproc big clocK screen.
        - Matrix Orbital enhancement: Big Number, general-purpose output,
	  dynamic custom char allocation, i2c support(lost), ...
	- Crystal Fontz drivers
	- Matrix orbital GLK driver

Todd Porter:
	- Windows 95/98 and NT version

Jason Dale Woodward:
	- widget scrolling

Ethan Dicks:
	- PIC-an-LCD original driver (later merged into HD44780 driver)
	- fixes & tests to the MtxOrb driver and some clients
	- client

Michael Reinelt:
	- SED1520 (copied work of him)

Simon Harrison:
	- SVGAlib driver

Horizon Technologies:
	- WIRZ-SLI driver

Charles Steinkuehler:
	- Work on HD44780 timing code

Harald Klein:
	- Lirc driver (initial version of the current code)
	- Metar Client

Philip Pokorny:
	- Crystal Fontz driver
	- Matrix Orbital driver
	- Matrix Orbital GLK driver
	- Curses driver

Glen Gray:
	- ?

David Douthitt:
	- Crystal Fontz driver
	- Matrix Orbital driver
	- Matrix Orbital GLK driver
	- Curses driver

Eddie Sheldrake:
	- Crystal Fontz driver

Rene Wagner:
	- LCDM001 driver
	- ASCII emulation of BigNum
	- CFontz v2.0 patches merging,
	- LIRC driver updates (new API, merged David's code)
	- Lots of driver updates for 0.4.3 (configfile, reporting):
	- CFontz, curses, glk, MtxOrb,
	- EPM list file for automatic package generation,
	- current documentation in docbook format
	- 0.4.3 backlight and heartbeat implementation
	- Lots of other stuff for the 0.4.3 release

Andre Breiler:
	- Matrix Orbital driver

Joris Robijn:
	- HD44780 driver maintenance and enhancement
	- Config file stuff
	- Reporting stuff
	- Work on API 0.5 architecture and implementation, loadable drivers.
	- Menu stuff of 0.5
	- SED1330 driver

Guillaume Filion:
	- Portability bug fixes on the curses, HD44780, SED1520 and
	  STV5730 drivers.
	- Partially implemented Thomas Runge's BSD port of lcdproc.
	- Ported the parallel functions in port.h to BSD.
	- Autoconf/automake stuff.
	- Various small 0.4.3 changes.

Chris Debenham:
	- Matrix Orbital GLK driver
	- LB216 driver

Mark Haemmerling:
	- HD44780 character conversion table

Robin Adams:
	- SED1520 driver
	- STV5730 driver

Manuel Stahl:
	- T6963 driver

Mike Patnode:
	- Crystal Fontz
	- Various 0.4.3 changes

Peter Marschall:
	- new drivers: IOWarrior, xosdlib
	- bwctusb connectiontype for the HD44780 driver
	- extensions to CFontz* drivers: support CF631 & CF635
	- various fixes in preparation of 0.5
	- lcd2usb connectiontype for the HD44780 driver

Markus Dolze (current maintainer):
	- various fixes (especially for *BSD)
	- merged and extended network interface statistics to lcdproc client
	- new LCDd network input buffering

Volker Boerchers:
	- fixes and extensions to the menu system

Lucian Muresan:
	- glcdlib meta driver

Matteo Pillon:
	- lcdserializer connectiontype to the hd44780 driver
	- various improvements to the serial connections of the hd44780 driver

Laurent Arnal:
	- connectiontype for LIS2 displays from VLSystem (

Simon Funke:
	- driver for Noritake VFD

Matthias Goebl <>:
	- I2C connectiontype for the HD44780 driver

Stefan Herdler:
	- serialVFD driver
	- bignum library

Bernhard Walle:
	- driver for the ULA-200 device from ELV (

Andrew Foss:
	- menu support for lcdproc client

Anthony J. Mirabella:
	- Logitech g15 driver

Cedric Tessier:
	- EyeBoxOne driver

John Sanders:
	- iMon driver graphics support

Eric Pooch:
	- Mac OS X / Darwin support
	- serialPOS driver
	- uss720 connection type for hd44780 driver
	- driver for SoundGraph iMON OEM LCD Modules

Benjamin Wiedmann
	- Added functionality for HITACHI SP14Q002 gLCD (320x240)
	- Implemented dynamic wiring scheme selection for SED1330 driver ("ConnectionType")

Frank Jepsen
	- vdr-wakeup support in hd44780 driver (originally for v0.4.5)
	- new options for the hd44780 driver

Karsten Festag
	- ea65 driver

Gatewood Green
	- picolcd driver

Dave Platt
	- overhauled CwLnx driver

Nicu Pavel
	- overhauled & extended picolcd driver

Daryl Fonseca-Holt
	- lis driver

Thien Vu
	- shuttleVFD driver

Thomas Jarosch
	- support reporting in hd44780's ConnectionType functions
	- build-system clean up: use pkg-config for some libs
	- HD44780 connection type for a USB connection via a FTDI FT2232D chip
	- i2500vfd driver

Christian Jodar
	- mx5000 driver

Mariusz Bialonczyk
	- ethlcd connection type for HD44780

Jack Cleaver
	- LIRC support in picolcd

Phant0m / Aron Parsons
	-IRtrans driver

Malte Poeggel
	- support for ST7036 controller in hd44780

Dean Harding,
Christian Leuschen,
Jonathan Kyler:
	- driver for SoundGraph iMON OEM LCD Modules

Laurent Latil
	- SureElec driver for devices made by SURE Electronics

Christoph Rasim
	- MDM166A driver for Futaba/Targa USB VFD

Further developers in the sourceforge lcdproc team:
Colin Munro             colinmunro
Shane Spencer           hardwire
Jim McCracken           merlin_jim
Luis Llorente		luisllo

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